12 de noviembre de 2015

Zara nails the party season

It's that time of the year for all-black and bling-bling.

There is still a month to go for Holidays. But the moment we cleaned the last trace of make-up from our Halloween costume and place a bouquet at the cemetery on November 1st, the kick off for Christmas was on. Starbucks serves coffee in red cups, Burberry windows are filled with gift boxes, supermarkets show all types of decorations and even the Chinese lady selling those Halloween customes was announcing the Christmas stuff they would be selling in a few days. I've been asked to make a wish list and have to deal with jokes like Santa has retired to an island in Cambodia and he has outsourced the gift business.

Everything seems to get on the Christmas mood and Zara delights us with a party editorial which makes me to desire going out and dancing the whole night, even though I know that I will probably stay at home 'cause I have to revise Santa's job in order to ensure family gets their presents. Specially I'm dying for that satin pleated skirt paired with that pleated shiny top. It's not overdone. It's very chic and a bit rock.

Pictures: Zara.

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